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  Manufacturing Cranes in the USA for 50 plus Years

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Celebrating 55 Years in Business!!!!

1961 Founded by a group headed by Dan Moore to manufacture electric cranes for 12V DC applications. The first units were manual rotation and the boom angle could not be changed while loaded.

1965 Began building cranes with power rotation and power elevated booms. Rotation mechanisms were chain drive and booms were raised by a cable system.

1969 First Cylinder raised boom model designed.

1983 Business purchased by Herb Koenig, Jr.

1983 First crane built using worm gear rotation mechanism.

1983 Planetary winch used on hoisting function for the first time. Because of it's efficiency these units have become the standard in the crane industry.

1986 First slewing ring with internal gear drive used on rotation drive.

1987 Moved shop and offices to 11505 Todd St. Houston, TX.

1989 Hydraulically driven models developed using pressure compensated control hydraulics.

1993 Added an additional bay to the Todd facility, doubling plant capacity.

1994 Proportional control system added to hydraulic cranes.

1998 Cranes with either a load sensor or an anti two-block were equipped with a microprocessor to monitor these functions and drive the monitored functions, eliminating the mechanical relays previously necessary.

1998 Moved the machine and welding shop to an outside facility adding over 15,000 square feet to the company's productive capacity.

2001 Our 40th year in business.

2002 Introduced the 72100XP, a 72,000 ft-lb., hydraulic crane with planetary winch and 24ft. hydraulic extension.

2004 Introduced the 4064XP. a 40,000 ft.-lb., hydraulic crane with planetary winch and 22 ft. hydraulic extension.

2005 APRIL - Broke ground on New Facilities.  SEPT.- Offices were moved into new facilities.

2009 Introduced the 6036DX-22, a 36,000 ft.-lb., DC powered crane with Power extension to 22 ft.

2010 Introduced the L-8 crane and the LA-6K Crane.

2011 50 Years of customer service and dedication.

2011 Introduced the 60100XP a 60,000 ft.-lb., hydraulic crane with planetary winch and hydraulic extension to 24 ft.

2011 Introduced the 3612REE and the 3612X series,12,000 ft.-lb. electric/hydraulic crane with planetary winch powered by a 2.7 Hp permanent magnet motor.

2014 Introduced the LA10K Crane.

2014 Broke ground on 19,000 Sq. Ft. plant expansion. (estimated completion Sept. 2014)

2015 Introduced the 3055DXP, a 30,000 ft.-lb., hydraulic crane with planetary winch and hydraulic extension from 10' to 20'








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